Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Task #8: Alphabet Soup

Up for a challenge? I think this one is a little harder —but I believe in you! Lately I've been seeing a lot of what I'm dubbing "alphabet art". The idea behind these photos is that they are finding letter forms in things that are not actually letters.

I've been wanting to try it, so you get to try it with me.
Spell your name or pick a different word. (I see Welcome and Love a lot).

You can do them color or black & white. If you don't have software to string your images together, send them separately and we will compile for you.

Remember, we're looking for non-letter letter forms! Samples: (James & Bixby)

Good Luck!

Submissions I loved looking at these! Great job everyone! Looks like we all holed up inside and explored our homes during this cold windy week!

Click on t he images to enlarge any of these!

Kristin: Joyful

Kristin: Juicy

Kristin: Void

Kristin: Wide




Danny: Design

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