Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Task #4: Take a Collection

I have a friend whose younger brother used to collect sporks. I think that's hysterical.

Your job this week is to collect something. Anything. Just for a week. Perhaps you collect all your used Kleenexes for a week (please don't) or maybe you ask people for the oldest penny in their pocket.

Then next week, send us a picture and we'll share our collections!

(this one would be trickier to start Wednesday evening and send a last minute jpg, so start thinking about it early!)


Danny | Why my Pants Don't Fit Right
This is a collection of the packaging from the food I ate this week. Because it is August and my garden is in stellar condition, much of what I ate had no packaging(!). However, this also makes it look like I ate nothing but junk food... and a lot of cheese. I daresay this is a fairly complete collection, minus the sugar I put in my morning coffee (and a bag of cheese puffs I ate at a friends house, oh and the can of coke sitting in front of me as I write this ::sad face::). I'd be interested to try this same experiment in the winter.

Junk Mail by Ashley

Jenny | Junk mail for one week = 2 inches

Jenny | Walking the dogs near the golf course

Christy | A Week's Wears

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