Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Task #3: Photo this Caption

As designers, managers, writers and facebookers, we often need to write captions for photos. But what if you had the caption and no photo?

This week, since it's about 95 degrees outside with 107 heat index, we'd like you to provide an image for this caption:

"Drained by the Heat"

Take a picture, draw a picture, sneeze a picture—anything but steal a picture!—for what you think illustrates the idea "Drained by the Heat". Then, send us the picture!


Danny | Drained by the Heat

Jenny | Drained by the Heat

Bethany | Drained by the Heat

Danny | Drained
This is my monkey head from Weekminds Year 1, Week 4, last July. This picture was taken after it had been hanging in my front yard for a few weeks.

Christy | Drain by the Heat Waves

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