Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Task 13: See your Google and Raise you an Aol.

Google can pretty much do no wrong. Admit it, they are the internet God.

So when AOL-I mean Aol. -first debuted it's new identity, about a year ago, I had several thoughts. For starters, that they ripped off Google (whose logo changes daily), but also that this new look was random, slightly obnoxious and not really a logo. But I grew to love the miscellaneous images, partly for their randomness and bigger than logo nature, but mainly because it's a surprise every time I visit the page. (View Sample Image)

This week, design an Aol. homepage corner.
I realize no one out there probably uses Aol aside from myself, but I don't care, do it anyway.

If you'd like to see samples of what they've done, go to and continue to refresh the page. A new image appears on each page load.


Jenny | Lint Trap AOL

Danny | Daffy Ate AOL

Jenny | AOL Sauce

Jenny | Ari OL

Danny | My Insomniac's on AOL

Danny | Jerry French on AOL

Kelly | AOL Portrait

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