Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Task #1: What's your Willy Look Like?

Who doesn't remember and love the original Wooly Willy?

For this first task we're asking you to give Willy some Wool!
Inspired by Food Faces from Perpetual Kids, we invite you to use your computer, use crayons, use food, use your own hair, use whatever! Simply download or print our (blatant) rip-off of the the Wooly Willy face, make your additions and then send us a picture!


Ashley Elkins | Charlie "Woolified" Chaplin: Bird's the Word
(with thistle seed and black oil sunflower seed)

Sheri M. | Typehair/Typegoatee Willy

Jenny L. | Tiddilly Willy

Jenny L. | Will Nye the Science Puppet

Kelly A. | The Three Willys

Danny | Blunderous Bill

Bethany | 2010 Willy

ABU | Button Top Willy

Kristin | Willy's Brother Bob Ross

Christy | My Willy Pet and Washing Willy (click to enlarge)

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